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A Fresh Start

As many of you know, our main goal here at Back to the Wild is to return wildlife, well, back to the wild! When these animals come to us, they are often seriously injured and require a lot of downtime to recover. During their recovery, they tend to get a little...out of shape. 

In order to whip these amazing animals back into hunting/avoiding predators condition, we use conditioning cages. It is basically physical therapy for wildlife. However, these cages can get a little pricey...

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So What's All the Hullabaloo About?

We are currently working with a wonderful organization, Leadership Erie County, on getting funding to help us build another flight cage.

Why do we need a new flight cage? For many reasons!

FEB  25  2011 089.JPG

1. An influx of bald eagles: These last few years, we have been receiving more and MORE eagle patients. In fact, in a one week span, we took in 5 bald eagles! These birds need a lot of space to get into shape and get release ready. Our vast number of patients has greatly outgrown our existing flight cage.

2. New science: When our original flight cages were built, L-shaped cages were what was believed to be best. Now we know that circular shaped cages allow longer, uninterrupted flight and can help our patients be better prepared, physically speaking, for being released back into the wild.

3. It's not just bald eagles: In addition to the increase in bald eagle patients, we are also seeing many more owls, hawks, and falcons coming into our center. As the eagles graduate to a larger, more updated flight cage, our smaller birds of prey can take over the older flight cages.

How Can You Help?

Consider donating towards our Flight Cage Fund or attend one of the fundraisers we'll be holding this year and next!

Our project is fairly new so we don't have all of the details yet, but as we schedule fundraisers, we will announce them on this page. Check back for more information!

Keep in mind, this project is going to take a while so check back to see what progress we're making!

And as always, without YOU, there is no us for THEM!!

Without you, there is no us for them! Click below to donate directly to our flight cage fund.

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Project Details and Upcoming Fundraisers

Project Details

Funds Needed:                    $162,000.00

Funds Raised:

Funds from Grants:


Organization Help:               Leadership Erie County

Upcoming Fundraisers

October 14th: THE SPOOKTACULAR PET PARADE from 2 pm - 4 pm at Osborn Park

A great way to help us help wildlife and have fun with your adorable pets in their adorable costumes!

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