To say we love giving tours is an understatement! Every tour we give gives us a chance to go on and on about wildlife AND gives us a break from cleaning up bird...ehem...waste. Interested in scheduling a private tour? It's easy! We give tours 7 days a week so give us a call at 419-684-9539 to book your tour today. The further in advance you schedule, the better! Spots are limited.


Back To The Wild Tour FAQs

A few things of note:

  • Cost: There is none! However, we do ask that people bring a donation as each tour does cost our center money.

  • Is there a limit for people? Yes, private tours should have no more than 10 guests.

  • What do you get out of it? A lot! Each tour is roughly 45 minutes to an hour long and includes a chance to learn about many of our amazing wildlife ambassadors.

  • Are tours kid friendly? You bet! Tours can be tailored to entertain and educate kids of all ages.

  • Can I pet the animals? That would be a no. Here at Back To The Wild, all of the animals you'll meet are wild creatures who were disabled due to injuries or illnesses. These animals retain their dislike of humans and can and will bite people who try to pet them.

  • Why do I need an appointment for a tour? Our education staff is also our animal keeper staff. That means we need to schedule tours around animal care routines. 

If you have any questions about tours at Back To The Wild, give us a call at 419-684-9539!


For more information on tours, give us a call or shoot us an email!