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Getting Involved

Back To The Wild is a 501(c)3 charity. That means that your donations are tax deductible! Being a non-profit, we get zero dollars in funding from the state, federal government, or from taxes. Everything we do is funded by the kindness of people just like you. Check out the information below to learn more about how you can help us make a difference.

Without YOU, there is no us for THEM!!!!!

Ways you can help us help wildlife!

Become a Supporter

Your donations help us pay for:

Vet costs


Food and housing

Trained, experienced staff


And so much more!!

Whether it is a one time donation or you want to become a monthly supporter, you are truly making a difference.

Wish List

Items purchased off of our downloadable wish list or our Amazon list are used for everything from food and housing to enrichment and education! From puppy pads to cleaning supplies, there are may ways to help us help wildlife.

Become a Volunteer

Being a volunteer is a lot of hard work. Working with wildlife means that most of our animal care is hands off so we can keep wild animals wild. If you're interested in knowing more, click the FAQ button below! Volunteer applications can be turned into or mailed to PO Box 423, Castalia, Ohio 44824

Sponsor an Animal

When you sponsor an animal, you are helping us to care for, feed, and house them! In return, you get a sweet "adoption" certificate and photo of your animal. These make fun and unique gifts!

To sponsor a wildlife ambassador or rehabilitation patient, download the form below, fill it out, and email it to or mail it to PO Box 423, Castalia, Ohio 44824


It has never been easier to donate toward the care and rehabilitation of wildlife!

Help us help wildlife by texting WILDLIFE to 419-506-5784. You can even choose to cover processing fees to make sure we get the most out of your donation.

Together, we can make a difference!

QR Fundraising

Speaking of making things easier than ever, QR codes! Spare your thumbs the work out of sending a text by using our fundraising QR code.

All you have to do is open up your camera and point it at the code right here on this page. Easy, right?

QR Patient Fundraiser.png
Mona Rutger and Great Horned Owl Feb 2014.jpg

Memorial Donations

We are always sad to hear of the passing of a loved one or friend. While donations in memory of those who have passed or bequeathments from those we've lost always leave our hearts heavy, we are incredibly honored that people are thinking of us. 

Support Us While You Shop on Amazon Smile!

Choose Back To The Wild as your charity on Amazon Smile and a percentage of all you spend will go towards our wildlife fund! How do you sign up? It's easy! Visit today to choose Back To The Wild as your preferred charity.

The Results of Your Generosity!

Enjoy this small slide show showing a few of the many animals who got their second chance in the wild thanks to YOUR support! Truly, without YOU, there is no us for THEM!!!!

Join us on Social Media!

Supporting us can be as easy as following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! By liking and sharing our posts, you not only help spread our mission, you also help make people more aware of the plight of wildlife.

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Purchase a Paver

Honor a friend or remember a loved one by purchasing an engraved paver in one of our wildlife walkways! The proceeds from every sale goes toward helping us rescue wildlife and continue our mission of education with children and adults alike.

To personalize your paver, download the form below and email it back to or mail it to PO Box 423, Castalia, Ohio 44824


1...2...3...Be Free!

Thanks SO MUCH for helping us make a difference!

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