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Photography Fundraisers

Photography fundraisers are exclusively provided for photography groups and clubs. Does that mean you need to be a professional? Not at all! We welcome all levels of skill when it comes to our photography fundraisers.

For more information on our photo groups, contact Heather Tuttle at or 419-684-9539. 

What to Know About Photography Fundraisers

Is this program educational?

Can we adjust/fluff birds?

Is this program kid friendly?

Where can I get more information about photo groups?

Yes! While the program is not quite the same as our normal educational presentations, there will still be Back To The Wild guides at each station telling you all about the amazing animals you're photographing. We actually get asked this a lot. The animals you'll be photographing are WILD animals and don't listen very well. Taking pictures of animals is like taking pictures of kids, you need a lot of patience to get the perfect shot.

Photography programs are NOT kid friendly. While we used to allow kids of all ages, we had to set a limit at 8 years old or older due to visitors bringing children and not watching them. Because this presentation is not as linear as others, it is impossible for Back To The Wild staff to keep an eye on every child. With ponds and wild animals, this situation can be dangerous for young children. We thank you for your understanding!

Right here! Hit the button below for more information on the cost and what is included when you bring your photo club out to Back To The Wild.

Contact Us for More Information!

Phone: 419-684-9539


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