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Disabled animals that can no longer survive on their own in the wild get to find a new purpose. It's a second chance!


Becoming an Ambassador

All wildlife ambassadors at Back to the Wild are animals who have suffered tragic injuries. These injuries have left them permanently disabled and unable to survive on their own in the wild. While our goal is to always return these beautiful creatures back to their true homes, we are honored to give those who can never again be free a second chance at our center. We do not name our ambassadors as they belong to the wild, not to us. Their spirits can never truly be tamed. 

Arctic Fox

Another one of our few non-native ambassadors, our Arctic fox has been hard at work teaching people why exotic animals don't make good pets. Did you know that Arctic foxes can withstand temperatures of -50 degrees F without breaking out in so much as a shiver? Now that's one cool fox. Sorry, couldn't resist a pun!